Episode 1146 - 9 “Outside The Box” Tips for 9 Years

Posted in Uncategorized by beourguestpodcast on March 16th, 2017

Today we are celebrating 9 years of fun Disney podcasting!  Thank you so very much for the support of the show and allowing us to go on this journey with you!  Today we give some "outside the box" tips to help make your next Walt Disney World vacation better!  From fuel rods to bringing toasters in your suitcase to trying different experiences, we hope you find something that will make your next trip just a bit better!  We hope that you enjoy today's podcast!  Please send us your questions to mike@beourguestpodcast.com.  Please visit our website at www.beourguestpodcast.com.  Thank you so much for your support of our podcast! Also, please follow the show on Twitter@BeOurGuestMike and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/beourguestpodcast.  Check out Magical Mouse Radio for great Walt Disney World In-Park Audio & Music 24 Hours a day at www.magicalmouseradio.com.  Thanks to our friends at The Magic For Less Travel and Drew Baker - Financial Planner for sponsoring today's podcast!